Social Constructionist Conference

Online Conference - 2nd year

Social Constructionist Conference


We believe it's time for our field to leave certain ideas behind. The metaphor of "tools" we use on people. The idea of one correct approach to certain problems. The idea that we "heal" people from their "disorders".
It's time for us to seriously change how we represent our work, how we approach people in distress, and how we talk and think about what we do.

We haven't entered planning for the 2024 conference just yet. Check back in spring 2024 to learn more!

Social Constructionst Conference

2023 speakers

Harlene Anderson. Stephen Bacon. Paula Berbeco. Jeff Chang. Paul Costello. Elfie Czerny. Kirsten Dierolf. David Drake. Jim Duvall. Rob Edwards. Kenneth Gergen. Dominik Godat. Daniel Hutto. Mark McKergow. Jan Müller . Adrian Myers. Josh Plaskoff. Julio Principe. Helena Rose. Tom Strong. Susan Swim. Jonas Wells.
(ordered alphabetically)

This conference is being organized by Kirsten Dierolf (SolutionsAcademy)
and Jan Müller (ifR Hamburg).
If you would like to reach out, write to to reach us both.